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" Mocking Bird" is made of Kansas Limestone and rests on a Black Granite base. He is a representation of our Nishtia's (Fathers) who teach us the ways of life. Mocking Bird has recieved from the Eiteljorge Museum, the Best of Division and First place award.

"Mocking Bird"

  • Mocking Bird Stands Thirty One inches tall and is nineteen inches at the base. He is made of Kansas limestone and Black granite. Atop his head rests a bandanna holding down breeze blown hair. His regalia consists of a buckskin pouch used to carry corn pollen for food and prayer. A mountain lion kilt is tied to his waist representing a plentiful provider. His staff a representation of the authority he has governing the people.His Grizzly claw necklace is needed for courage and strength.
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