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"Pottery Spirit" was the opening piece for the Haaku Museum's "Dyunni" Pottery exhibit. It has received numerous awards, Best of Division, Best of Show, People's Choice Award and 1st place her first year on the road. She resides for the moment at the Chimney Butte gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque,NM.

"Pottery Spirit"

  • "Pottery Spirit" is made of Butterscotch Alabaster and sits on a red granite base. She stands Thirty one inches, by Fourteen inches at the base. She depicts a female buffalo dancer in mid air two inches off the ground. In her womb grows the ancestral pottery filled with corn used by Acoma Puebloan people for food and prayer. Her right hand holds two eagle feathers, bells and yarns to represent the prayer for rain. Her left hand holds the basket that overflows with ribbons that represents abundance. Pottery Spirit depicts the Past, Present and Future through its form, design and compilation of early 1920's and present pottery designs easter egged over the composition.
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