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Greetings! Welcome to First off "Thank You" for sharing your interest in my business. Here's a short History about "Pueblo Elbow Grease." I am Walter " Haubeni Kaacha" Torres. Translation:"Raining over the West Mountains" (Horace Mesa.) It's pronounced: How-boohnee-kaw-cha in our Keres language." In 2008, I began as an apprentice under Adrian Wall, a sculptor from the Jemez Pueblo. His studio was located on the Acoma Reservation. Under his instruction I found myself learning to create with my hands.I wanted to express myself through stone. Watching the dust fly as the artist torn into the stone.The temptation was too much! I just had to jump in! Adrian relocated to Santa Fe in 2009. His impression on me inspired the beginings of " HKStudios." AKA"" The name chosen because hours of "Pueblo Elbow Grease" is needed to create works in stone., It is with Great Pride and Enthusiasm "HKStudios" is running strong SIX Years" I wish to continue to bring you "New and Interesting Works" inspired by My Native Traditions. Stay tuned for upcoming venues, news and updates from I look forward to providing the best in "Quality and Satisfaction!"

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